Brianna is the Resident Musician at Modo Yoga Uptown, where she plays chill acoustic arrangements of tunes ranging from Bon Iver to Motown, Joni Mitchell to Justin Bieber, and everything in between. She loves working in collaboration with different instructors and crafting set-lists to achieve a specific vibe for the class. Brianna started playing music at age 13 after she woke up from a dream where she’d been strumming a guitar. Since then, she’s taught herself guitar. banjo, ukulele, mandolin, bass, and harmonica. Brianna has experienced the power of music to influence growth, healing, and even just turn around an otherwise crummy day; she aims to express those intentions through her playing. Brianna has performed as an instrumentalist in a jazz big band, several orchestra pits for musicals, and even a klezmer combo. As a singer and instrumentalist, Brianna has performed as part of indie rock band The Wave Theory (2012-2015), and Oakwood (2017-2018).

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