My Life as a Web Experiment

This site was created as part of an article for the National Post about how to become the Number One Brianna Goldberg (On The Internet).

Like a diligent little reporter, I snatched up and put up what was essentially an online business card… until I realized it was a great opportunity to create a nice online reputation for this particular Brianna Goldberg. And all in the name of my assignment!

Since then I’ve been freelancing and producing at CBC Radio 1 and 2 in Toronto… and realizing that I really need to get something fantastic together on good ole’ to tempt you with more of my written and audio fancies. But that will all come soon enough.

In the meantime, please feel free to poke around in the links widget to the right. You’ll find speedy directions to my LinkedIn profile, some of my National Post articles, some CBC Radio 2 blogs I’ve toiled away on, and a less professional (but significantly more hilarious) blog that details the whole Number One Brianna Goldberg Experience.

Or, if you want to find out more about The Earnestness Movement I founded, click the tab up top.

Thanks so much, and I’ll be back soon to blurb about some other projects I’m working on!