My Life On The Beach

Hello there!

It’s your trusty neighbourhood journalist and producer again… but wait– Hello? Can you hear me from all the way down here?

You see, I’m not in Toronto any longer. I decided to leave my beloved job at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation behind and move down to Barbados to become a freelancer.

Here’s why: My wonderful man-friend accepted a job working for an NGO in the Caribbean. And with the idea to use this time to build up my writing/production portfolio, and learn how to surf (!), I moved down here to join him for a year or so.

As I write this to you, I am looking out of our window that fronts onto the beach, and there’s a constant roll of ocean waves in the background. Try not to be jealous. In all seriousness, it’s not a total paradise: This region has a struggling economy, very few natural resources, and it fights to control raging health and social issues like widespread obesity, chronic disease, and HIV. I am hoping to learn about the many sides of this part of the world, not just the sliver that most tourists get to see.

Anyhow, I just wanted to update my site to let you know about my move, and to give you the heads up that I’m ready and raring to provide you with all sorts of content: Stuff that has to do with my adjustment moving down South; Fantastic and surprising travel stories I come across in my journeys; Ideas that maybe even have NOTHING to do with my being down here. I’m up for it all.

And I’m ready to provide it to you with my characteristic “whimsy” (that’s a quote!)… and reliability, too.

I’ll post the best of my work on the sidebar as it comes along. I am keeping a blog about my experience here. And in the meantime, please follow me on Twitter… and get in touch if you have a  project in mind that we should work on together.

Thanks so much.

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