TODAY IN HOT DOG COURT: What King Hot Dog didn’tknow, when he found the squeeze bottle of relish on Queen Hot Dog’s night-stand EVEN THOUGH he is clearly allergic to pickles, was that the Heinz was only the tip of the iceberg. Queen Hot Dog was beginning to slip up in keeping her long-standing HORRIBLE SECRET. Perhaps she was becoming prematurely demented. Perhaps she wanted to get caught. Either way, it was now only a matter of time until her fetish for pickled condiments, and her affair with Manjula the chutney lady (with whom she shared the majority of her briny flings…), would come out into the open. And so, as King Hot Dog stood there holding the squeeze relish, she had a decision to make. Spill the beans about Manjula now, and risk making her a target? He had killed his own brother with his bare hands… Or would she continue to live her lie just that little bit longer?

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