The Lady Ethics of Beach Reading

The other day, my dear e-buddies at The Gloss asked:


Does A ‘Beach Read’ Actually Give You Permission To Indulge In Less Than Eloquently Written Books?


As someone who deliberately hid her copy of the Hunger Games sequel so as to reduce temptation to read commercial literature for two seconds (this initiative does not extend to weekly purchases ofUS Weekly), I actually feel like summer reading scenarios are what push me to pick up books that are more challenging.
Because people are WATCHING you, y’know?
Do I want to be another one of those girls publicly reading50 Shades of Grey or the girl who’s reading the celebrated new Jeffrey Eugenides piece?
At the same time, it is with great pride that I make my Friday night celebrity magazine purchases. Because after toting the hard cover Eugenides around all week, I feel I’ve earned it.

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