Why I Can’t Keep It Up: A Meditation On Blog Feature Continuity and Lack Thereof

I know that this is the place to do it: introduce constant features, regular stuff that people will want to check in on every day, an idea with slight variations that will continue to delight and titillate and receive continuous clicks. Make it simple, Goldberg! Make it snappy! Pictures of unhappy hipsters or GIFs of pizzas (which I love, btw) or something else amaaaazing.


Such an endeavor will show how very organized I am. It will show that I can follow through. So you know you can count on me, prospective employer, because I could pump out daily similar hilarities!


I know. I know. I know I should be doing this. And I’ve tried, OH, how I’ve tried. But here’s the thing: LIFE IS SO HARD»»UGHHH.


Seriously. Between trying to keep up one’s work commitments and pitch/research/meet deadlines for one’s freelance career and consistently Tweet and exercise and be a not crappy girlfriend/friend/Tamagotchi owner, sometimes a girl just wants a place that isn’t a perfectly planned uniform little blog concept, but rather a free and fun creative space to romp around with words and ideas.


So what I have to offer here, instead, is the creative energy that’s left after all those other logical and scheduled things in my life are executed. Meaning no, you can’t come to my Tumblr and know exactly what to expect every single time, other than that it will come from a real place in the currently un-used corner of my creativity. And y’know I’m pretty happy to share that with you.


But how will you know, prospective employer and/or critic of some sort (personal, otherwise), if I can deliver regular high-quality content?


Well, for one thing, you can check out my new blog over at Bitch Magazine. For eight weeks, I’ll be mashing together lady-driven Top 40 songs with great works of art from female writers of the past to see what messages they may have in common. The point is to have some fun and to demonstrate how the topics discussed in the pop music that many people view as fluff are similar conversations that hallowed female writers from the canon also discussed. Three times a week for two months I’m going to sploosh out some fun little groove-filled posts for them. See… regular, expected, great. I can do it!


It’s true I’m not as great at being consistent and predictable over here in Tumblr land. But at least in this venue you get to really know me and my voice and interests. And if you’re going to be someone hiring me or criticizing my work, I want you to really know me first.


So, hi. Hi. Hi! Let’s tumble together randomly through the excitements of life and the internet.

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