I am tired of what is on the radio and so I’m planning to start making THE BEST PODCAST EVER. Chihuahuas!

It has a working title of “Three Chihuahua Sundae,” but I’m pretty flexible.

So, since I’m still scribbling and brainstorming, why not help a girlfriend out…

What would you like to hear in the best podcast ever?

Chihuahua soap operas? News and current affairs analysis? Explainers on classic literature? Breakdowns of musical similarities between Dolly Parton and Taylor Swift? Lists of perfect puppy names, such as “Persistence” and “Samuel”? Surprising home decor tips involving cotton swabs and dice? Reviews of writing utensils purchased at the pharmacy? My philosophy on HATS and HAT-WEARING? Narration of me reading US Weekly?

Tweet me your suggestions at @b_goldberg or somethin’. (Or OH PLEEZ GOODNESS send me a message-carrying chihuahua puppy.)

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