Sometimes I Impress Myself


You know, a lot of shizz went down this year, 2012, which means I experienced a lot of firsts with you. First time on safari! First time catching a parasite! First time being a “best person” at a wedding! First time having brunch with Claire Danes! And with these and many other firsts emerged many changes. My time living in Nigeria resulted in new  obsession with slathering hot sauce all over everything. My visit to Key West for a friend’s wedding resulted in my falling in love, inexplicably, with a long-haired chihuahua in a KW pet-shop window. (I’ve always been a ‘big dog’ person.) The other day I was listening to Said The Gramophone’s best of 2012 list, enjoyed a certain song, and only then learned that it was BY JUSTIN BIEBER.

And now, as I sit here preparing my 2012 music quiz for my buddy’s New Year’s Eve party I can’t help but think back on all the news and firsts and changes of this year. And I have to admit, there is one I am most proud of: I now (almost effortlessly) say “frosting” (so classy!) instead of “icing” (so jejune!) when it comes to cake toppings. I feel like now I truly am a woman. FROSTING! It was a deliberate switch. I felt like when I heard or said the word “frosting” I could almost see/smell/taste the delicious toppin’ coming out of the piping thingie. Whereas, “icing,” well that just made me think of the phrase “icing on the cake.” And would I rather use a term that makes me drool or one that makes me think of a cliche? I think you know the answer. I have no shame and also a supply of drool-absorbing tissues stowed in my handbag at all times.

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