Music Shops on Sundays: A Free Verse Poem

I will admit that I tend to ignore you

And forget about you, Music Instrument Stores,

until the strings on my various instruments get all grimey and oxidized and gross and I require new ones.

I would visit you more often, but then I’d “accidentally” buy more instruments.

Today, though, I have a strong yearning to play my mandolin, which is in dire, dire, dire, dire, dire need of new strings…

and yet almost all of you, Music Instrument Stores, are closed.

Why is this? Do musicians take the Christian sabbath so seriously that you would have no customers other than heathen me? Or is it that the dudes who work at them would be out too late on a Saturday night to possibly come in to work the next day? (Don’t they know that Monday is the new Saturday?)

These are my questions.

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