This is a noise that happens in my apartment. It is not coming from my neighbours above or to the side, and I have no neighbours below me— just the laundry room/mysterious storage areas of my apartment building.

This noise happens at random times and random days. Sometimes I won’t hear it for several days in a row. Sometimes, like the past two days, I hear it almost every hour of the night.

It doesn’t happen in the daytime, only at night. It happens most often at 3am and 4am, but also sometimes at 9, 10, or 11pm.

Sometimes when I hear it, I run through the apartment building, trying to find where it’s coming from. There is never anyone around in the areas where the noise seems to be coming from. There are never any monsters around (that I can see).

For the love of all things mysterious sounding: Do you know what this sound is? And can you tell me how to make it GO THE FRANK AWAY?

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