I’m going to try to talk more about things I care about


Heyyyyy there friendly people with thinking heads,

Hello! It’s been a long day, hasn’t it? Tell me about it! That was nice, but enough about you.

I’ve decided it’s time I start talking more, here, and in general, about the things that I care about and the things that matter to me. I’m sure I could craft some heart-rending essay about how I came to this realization but I know this internet thing is all about the shortness and squishiness so let’s ask this long-winded lady writer to do her best to cut the NPR-style personal story and get to the meat:

I’ve been thinking a lot about how disenfranchised I feel. I vote, but none of the specific issues I care about seem to be acknowledged or respected by any of the people who represent me. And as a result, many of the things I care about seem to be disappearing or at risk. It makes me so angry I can’t even talk about it in person, because I simultaneously feel rage and ‘What’s the point?’

And while I may not have a clear manifesto or doctrine or political alliance (or really any political knowlege to speak of— mama’s a pretty Naive Nancy over here and my ideas are all pretttty basic), I do know when something upsets me or makes me happy.

And, actually, it’s kind of my fault if I don’t talk about when those things happen in a more public way. Because then the people who represent me will DEFINITELY not know what I care about.

So I’m going to start talking about them. I’m going to start *trying* to engage in discussion with my representatives (political, cultural, other)— and not in a shrieky or demanding or shrill kind of way. First, because that’s not my style, but second, because that’s no way to ask someone to fight for something you believe in! Y’know? I am just going to level with them. Talk with them. Let them do their job of hearing me as I also do my own job of voicing my thoughts and concerns.

I’m going to start talking here and on the Twitter and whatnot about things that bother me and things I’m pleased about and I’m not going to try to be witty or ironic or clever about it. I have to be clear. And then, if still nobody cares about what I think is worth acknowledging or protecting or fighting for, I’ll know it wasn’t my fault for not stating things clearly enough.

So that is all. Oh, except for that also I think I’m going to extend this gesture from politics and culture straight through to restaurant reviews. Going to be jibba-jabbering lots more. So you can look forward to that, rather than me just sitting here quietly stewing about the fate of our world. That, and more restaurant reviews. Boom.

And by the way YES I realize this is all painfully earnest. May I remind you that I tried, and failed, to launch an earnestness movement several years ago. So don’t act so surprised!

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