BEST THING TO HAPPEN TODAY is the lovechild of TWO great things.

1) The internet, for the first time in WEEKS, is fast enough that I can stream some basic content; and,

2) KIMBRA’s album, Vows, which is just about to be released in North America is STREAMING for free on NPR and for the very first time since I’ve moved to Nigeeeeeria I have actually been able to listen without enduring eight-minute gaps between notes of a song and then angrily giving up after hearing only about 0:09 of anything.

While this is super excellent, I realized that up ‘til now a LARGE part of my enjoyment of Kimbra was part of the experience of watching her on Youtube:

The claw-dancing! The shoulder-shaking!

Must commit this dance to memory so I may recreate it the next time I listen to the audio-only album. CLAW IT!

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